Funeral services and memorials


St. Thomas Church, Hullbridge

If you would like a Church service as part of the funeral arrangements, please contact us. We do not have a churchyard, but a service in church can be followed by a cremation or a burial elsewhere. We are also willing to conduct a service at a crematorium or cemetery chapel for someone who has lived in Hullbridge, even if you do not choose a service in church. We will work with you to plan a suitable service to commemorate the person who had died and commend them into God's loving care.

All Saints' Church, Rettendon

Again we can arrange a church service for someone who lived in the village. This can be followed by burial in the churchyard or a cremation elsewhere. We will also take a service at the crematorium if you do not choose a church service.

The churchyard at All Saints' is still open and we can offer a burial for someone who lived in the village, and sometimes for someone who has previously lived in the village and has strong family connections there.  Many people greatly value the beautiful peaceful setting of All Saints' to visit and remember those whom they love. 

If you have chosen a cremation, then the cremated remains can be buried in the churchyard, either in a family grave or in the memorial garden.

Please note that there are strict regulations about the choice of a headstone in churchyards, and you are strongly advised to consult us before planning any memorial in the churchyard. 

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